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rcMAV systém
Systems for the metro

rmCBTC automatic train control system

An automatic train control system rmCBTC® is a fundamental traffic control system that has been designed to meet the demands of various applications, such as urban rail (i.e. metro, light rail, commuter rail, etc.), dedicated train lines, and shunting yards.

The rmCBTC® is a CBTC (Communication-Based Train Control) class system and uses a bi-directional, wireless, train-to-ground data transmission between the infrastructure and the rolling stock to control trains. As the purpose of this system is to increase the efficiency and safety of the railway, the safety principles and hardware platform were based on the interoperable ERTMS/ETCS system. From a standpoint of both functionality and hardware, the system architecture is divided into:

  • rmCBTCs – a trackside sub-system, including interfaces for the systems existing in an infrastructure;
  • rmCBTCp – an on-board sub-system, including interfaces for the systems existing in trains.

The system can be implemented either in an extended rmCBTC+ or a basic version according to customer’s requests and specifics of a given installation. The extended version allows guiding the mixed train traffic thanks to the information from the stationary devices.

The stationary rmCBTCs sub-system communicates with the rmCBTCp sub-system installed on trains via bi-directional, wireless data transmission (WiFi / LTE / TETRA / etc.).

rcMAV systém