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Information on the use of cookies

Consent to the use and processing of cookies

Rail-Com Systems s.r.o. (Controller), ID No.: 08667934, with registered office at generála Svobody 764, Pardubice, 533 51, Czech Republic processes personal data by collecting and storing cookies on the website

About cookies

Cookies are small text files that are stored in the browser of your computer, laptop or smartphone when you load a website. These files make it easier for us or third parties to identify how you interact with the website. The management of cookies controlled by our website does not work if you use any form of cookie blocking and similar techniques in your browser.

On our website, cookies are necessary for the functioning of the website or for the provision of the service (so-called technical mandatory cookies). In other cases, we need your consent to use cookies.

Cookies and similar techniques are not a danger to the computer per se, but are important for privacy protection. Most browsers automatically accept cookies unless the browser is set to do otherwise. You can restrict or block the use of cookies in your web browser settings.
We offer you links with original help from your browsers on how to delete these cookies.

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What cookies we use

We only use technical and statistical cookies on our website.

Technical cookies

These cookies ensure the basic operation of websites that could not function at all or could fundamentally affect the functionality and security without their use.
For this reason, we have included cookies from our Joomla! editorial system as technical cookies, and spam protection cookies - Google ReCaptcha - to protect email addresses and web forms.

Statistical cookies

We only use statistical cookies from Google Analytics. They are anonymous and help us to anonymously track traffic to our website. This is so that we know that our site is properly designed and you can quickly find the correct data on it.

List of cookies

Technical files

Name of cookiesParty nameDescription
Rail-Com Systems s.r.o.

Joomla! technical cookies. Session validity.

Rail-Com Systems s.r.o.

Technical cookies for the administration of the Joomla! editorial system. Session validity.

Rail-Com Systems s.r.o.

Technical cookies for the administration of the Joomla! editorial system. Session validity.

Rail-Com Systems s.r.o.

Technical cookies are used to remember whether you have consented to the storage of cookies in the pop-up banner of the Joomla! editorial system. Session validity.

Name of cookiesThird Party NameDescription

Google ReCaptcha při spuštění nastaví nezbytný soubor cookie. Platnost 6 měsíců.


Platnost 6 měsíců.