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VI. ITOT Scientific and Technological Conference

Poland, Warsaw, 29. - 31. 1. 2024

ITOT 2023* (2024-01)

The basic goals of scientific and technological conference:

  • TSI Revision Package 2023 workshop
  • TSI Revision Package 2023 migration plan
  • TSI Revision Package 2023 real case study
  • Building knowledge about the relationship between IT systems and OT systems for both infrastructure and rolling stock
  • Discussion of the risks to digital systems arising from cyberspace
  • Discussion of undertaken activities and indication of possible activities in the scope railway cybersecurity
  • Discussion of the directions of development of IT systems and OT systems in rail transport
  • Discussion of interoperable transmission systems in the track-vehicle relationship, including the GSM-R system and the FRMCS system, along with a presentation of the migration plan between the systems
  • Radio planning for the track-vehicle transmission system • Radio planning on conventional lines, on HSR (High Speed Railway), for the needs of Urban/Light Rail systems

Further information and registration information can be found on the SITK organizer's website 🔗.